BETHESDA, Md. (WDVM) — As the tension between Ukraine and Russia intensifies members of the Ukrainian Girl and Boy Scouts have come together to do their part in helping those affected.

The Ukrainian Girl and Boy Scouts of Plast, an international Ukrainian scouting organization were compiling emergency medical kits at Westland Middle School

“We all want to donate funds, but the problem is that there’s something although very necessary, also unfulfilling by just clicking a pay pal donate now link,” Chapter President, Andrew Dmidowaic said. “So people really wanted to get their hands dirty to actually do something tangible to help people, to help our scouts in Ukraine.”

Since medical supplies are now difficult to come by in Ukraine and having basic EMK’s in the hands of common civilians could save hundreds or thousands of lives. People who attended felt it was their duty to help out where they can from across the world.

“I decided to come help have medical supplies because it’s really vital that people get what they need billions get the medical supplies they need and get the help they need,” Participant Naoma Huta said.

Peter Charchalis whose parents are refugees from Ukraine says the violence has had a heavy effect on him and he encourages everyone to help where they can

“It’s affected us tremendously because we were standing and watching,” Charchalis said. “You’re being torn apart and we’re watching our ancestral homeland being bombed.”

All the scouts ended the day packing between 1,000 to 1,500 kits to be shipped to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian girl and boy scouts will be back next weekend and encourage more people to participate.