FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Over the weekend Taco Daddy had to close its doors. Now we’re finding out some employees are so fed up they walked off the job that same day, showing us evidence their last paychecks bounced.

“It’s upsetting to know all the hard work and everything that I’ve put into that place and that we all put in that place,” former employee Joseph Makey said.

According to three employees, not only are they waiting to be paid, they’re accusing the restaurant owner of underpaying them.

“I have put in 80 to 90 hour weeks just trying to like cover other people and helping out and I’m supposed to be compensated for that and I have never gotten anything ever in my life,” former employee Matthew Breen explained.

Because of the payment disputes, former employees already struggling to pay bills now have the added expense of bounced check charges.

“My livelihood was affected, I can’t pay car insurance, I can’t pay rent.” “I’m twenty-six years old and I moved back in with my parents and I’m living rent-free in my parent’s house trying to save up money and get back on my feet,” Breen said.

We did reach out to the owner and have not heard back but he did post a statement on taco daddy’s Instagram page saying in part:

“We have opened an internal investigation regarding our accounting. The case is not being taken lightly by any means and will be looked into. I am working diligently to rectify the situation. Any wages that have not been paid due to error will be paid in full to all employees.”

The employees who walked out, tell us they just want to be paid what they’re owed and that they don’t plan on returning.