The city of Hagerstown announced the reduction of the speed limit on Hagers Crossing Drive from 30 to 25 miles per hour. 

With the recent addition of Jonathan Hager Elementary School, the speed limit has been adjusted to comply with traffic safety policies within school zones in the city.

A speed camera has been on this road since March of 2017. 

To acclimate drivers to the change, it will not be operational until April 26.

Jim Bender, Assistant City Engineer said, “The city received some complaints and concerns from residents out around Hagers Crossing area that speeds on the streets out there, especially near the elementary school were pretty high and  it was becoming dangerous for people to cross the street so they requested the city lower the speed limit to try and slow the traffic down and make it a little safer for students, parents and pedestrians in that area.”

The city asks drivers to adapt to the speed change by slowing down and using the same care they use in other school zones in Hagerstown.