ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — It has been an ongoing discussion across the country whether or not to have police officers in schools. In 2020, Montgomery County’s Public Schools pulled out their school resources officers. On Tuesday the county council held a meeting with law enforcement that will bring them back to the classroom.

The reason to bring them back stems from an increase in violence across schools. In January, a shooting happened at Magruder high school that left a student injured. The agreement will strengthen the program’s support between law enforcement in public schools.

“But I have an investment in those officers being trained as well with our students. Because here’s what I know. They will not just interact with them in school, but they will also do it outside of school, on the weekends… And for us to really deal with the systemic issues that we are talking about we all have to invest in the changes that we have to make,” Dr. Monifa McKnight, Superintendent of Montgomery County Public schools said.

Some schools will see officers back in the buildings as early as April 27. They will be called Community Engagement Officers.