UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WDVM) — Exploring culture and diversity, was the goal of the first-ever Multicultural Festival in Prince George’s County hosted by The Office of the State Attorney for Prince George’s County.

Dozens of people got a taste of various cultures from Africa to the Caribbean and even Central America at Show Place Arena on Saturday.

“I’m glad to see everyone together. It’s a melting pot that’s what they call it,” said one guest.

From music to food and cultural performances guests say it was an amazing experience.

“We all hear pop music every day on the radio but it’s nice to hear some cultural music,” said another guest. “I think it’s really good to see all the different countries come together.”

The multicultural festival was put together by the Multicultural Commission.

“I thought one of the ways the commission would be able to really get the message out is by creating a festival-like environment for people to come out learn about what our office does, what the justice system looks like here in America, but then also be able to really relate to each other to celebrate the differences that we have an also the things that unite us,” said Aisha Braveboy, State Attorney for Prince George’s County.

There were also several vendors in attendance selling multicultural items like jewelry seller Chris Lee.

“We want to know that we’re also being recognized out there as far as like pieces that we have that’s really catered towards us as well,” said Lee.

Mojisala Bonjoko is on the multicultural commission she says she hopes people take something away from this event.

“We want people to learn from each other’s culture. Because we’re all in the same county so it would be better for us to know what’s going on and to learn from one another,” said Bonjoko.

Organizers say they’re hoping next year will be bigger and better next year. And they plan on having several other multicultural events in the coming weeks.