FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Even though Halloween is several months away, people in Frederick are celebrating it early as a new circus comes to the area.

The Paranormal Cirque is a new production from Cirque Italia that features all the things you would love in a circus, but in a way that’s a little different.

“We have all the things you normally think of when you think of a circus, the acrobats and the stunts, all the comedy all the crazy things and we took all that and we put this paranormal haunted or twist on it.” General Manager, Benjamin Holland explained.

Circuses all over have been impacted by the pandemic, but as the pandemic continues to take a back seat, circuses like paranormal cirque have been able to slowly recover.

“When Covid first hit we shut down but we only shut down for about two and half months,” Holland said. “It was actually the shortest closing event in the whole united states,”

All participants and performers were more than happy to start their tour off on a scary but good night.

The circus will be in Frederick until April 23 and then will be moving to Gaithersburg on the 28th. Tickets are on sale on their website.