HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — After Hagerstown lost its baseball team the fate of the Municipal Stadium has been in question. But, before the stadium becomes no more, the city hosted an auction to sell some of the seats from the stadium.

The Municipal Stadium is one of the oldest minor league baseball stadiums in the country. So it didn’t come as a surprise when the city decided to tear it down and build a new sports complex in its place.

But, luckily for the fans, they got to take a special souvenir with them.

“It’s time and we have had a chance to build the stadium many many times over the years and for some reason or another we just didn’t do it and now we do have a chance to have a new stadium,” Robert Timmons III said.

Robert Timmons Jr. says he remembers coming to games back in the 60s and he was happy to take home three seats that are close to his family.

“Over the years, the ballgames we’ve had here, we just feel like home because our seats right here are right against the fence,” Robert Timmons Jr. explained. “The guys were right there and we got to have eye contact with them and you felt like you were friends with them.”

Even though the physical stadium will no longer be there, fans are still looking forward to supporting the New Atlantic League team in the new sports complex

“We’ll come out to wherever the new stadium no matter who is playing, no matter what,” Timmons III said.

All 479 stadium seats were auctioned off to fans and the new stadium is set to open by the end of next year.