MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County Public School students participated in a walkout to protest against in-person learning.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, some students expressed that they feel unsafe and unheard, which is why they orchestrated a student walkout.

“We need to be heard because this virus has gotten out of hand. One, we don’t even know what. Next, we can just compile mutates or something else or worse,” said Thuron Johnson, an MCPS student.

Sixteen Montgomery county public schools are operating fully virtually due to COVID-19 cases, but students from other MCPS schools believe the entire district should go virtual.

Many students say they are fearful for their health and in an effort to grab the board of education’s attention, many of them participated in a student walkout. 

“As a parent, I feel that the student walkout is a good thing. It’s the kids taking the opportunity to voice their opinion and voice their feelings and I feel it’s very brave, and it’s very bold,” said Nicole Monteiro, parent of an MCPS student.

County leaders and education officials say they have no plans for MCPS to operate fully virtually, due to the fact that many students fell behind when in-person learning was paused.

However, the officials announced an alternative for concerned families.

“We are offering options to them which include a virtual learning option. That’s asynchronous learning so they can actually participate in those classes, see the lessons. Do the homework, and students don’t have to attend class. It is an excused absence,” said Craig Rice, Montgomery County Council Member.

Although this option is available some students say it is not enough, and would rather see the entire district go virtual until COVID cases decrease.