HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland’s primary election is on July 19, and a hearing that is fighting for Maryland’s 2nd district state Senate seat may change the ballot.

Sen. Paul Corderman, a Republican and District 2 incumbent, is seeking reelection and will face off against retired Frederick Police Lt. Shawn Perry, a Democrat from Maugansville.

Sen. Corderman filed a petition last week against Perry, challenging whether he lives in the district.

He claims Perry lived in District 1 before changing his address to one inside Maryland’s second district, as it relates to Maryland’s new legislative map that was enacted earlier this year.

According to the Maryland State Board of Elections, a candidate running for state senate must have remained a district resident for at least 6 months.

In a statement from the Washington County Republican Central Committee, they said “Our Republican party believes very strongly in the rule of law and that democrats must follow the law the same as we do. We cannot allow people to get away with trying to cheat on residency requirements in order to run in elections.”

In the Washington County Circuit court on Monday, Judge Wright rescheduled the hearing until later in the week to give Shawn Perry time to find an attorney.

Maryland State Board of Election leaders told the judge they would like a ruling as quickly as possible because Maryland’s primary election ballots were supposed to be printed today.

Washington County’s Board of Elections leader said they’re printing ballots anyway.

No one at the hearing wanted to talk on camera before a decision is made.