ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — For you Marylanders who couldn’t get enough coverage of congressional redistricting… well, that matter is in the hands of the Maryland courts over whether or not the new lines were drawn reasonably.

But now, state lawmakers are reworking the maps for the General Assembly districts based on the latest census figures. Those are the seats for the 141 House of Delegates members and 47 senators. But the Democrats have a supermajority in the legislature. They, therefore, are exercising the political clout to draw lines giving them the advantage in the 2022 elections and for the rest of the decade. Republicans in Annapolis call it an unfair exercise of power, making for less competitive contests on the ballot.

Sen. Steve Hershey, Jr., a Republican from the Eastern Shore, said “most of the competitive races will be strictly in the primaries. There are, I think what was said today, maybe three, maybe four competitive general election races in the State of Maryland with regards to senate districts. and that’s very unfortunate..”

Gov. Larry Hogan submitted a set of legislative maps that he says were competitive and fair and backed the non-partisan Princeton Gerrymandering Project, which analyzed lines for congressional and state legislative districts across the country.