ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — It seems like a never-ending saga: drawing legislative boundaries based on the latest census.

The Maryland legislature drew lines last month for congressional districts, leading to a map that is being challenged in state court. As the General Assembly wrapped up its business this week there was contentious debate over the boundaries for the House of Delegates and State Senate seats.

Both Democrats and Republicans have dug in on their respective positions. Now the question is, will there be yet another court challenge on these latest maps?

“There are a lot of independents, Republicans, of course, and probably discerning Democrats who are terribly concerned that in this state and age we have such an archaic system of electing our state representatives that, in fact, it will end up in court,” said Sallie B. Taylor, Republican candidate for the House of Delegates in Carroll County

The Maryland primary is in June, so any judicial rulings on both sets of maps will have to be delivered in time for election officials to prepare their 2022 ballots.