HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — WDVM got an inside look on Wednesday at some of the people involved in the convoy to find out what’s keeping them committed to the movement.

Jenny Hall and her family are returning here to the Hagerstown speedway for a second time to join the People’s Convoy.

“I come out here for the connectedness and just to be around kind of, you know, like-minded people,” said Hall.

She’s spending her time making food for children and other convoy members. Although the convoy is smaller than the first time around nothing has changed.

“I think the amount of heart is here is equally as big. You know, and I think it’s growing and that’s what we all want to see,” she said.

The convoy is back in the DMV to continue their fight for freedom.

“I might not agree with your perspective of freedom, and you might not agree with mine but it’s all of our freedom. If my freedom is being stepped on, eventually your freedom is going to be stepped on,” said Hall.

Members of the convoy say they are fighting for an end to the national declaration of emergency concerning COVID-19.

“The emergency powers are still in place. There is literally nothing stopping the government from doing that all over again,” said Matthew Valazquez.

Valazquez is a trucker from Missouri who has also returned to join the convoy. He says it’s taking a toll on his business.

“Every single week that you know, I’m here with the convoy. I am actively losing money in my business and that’s hard. You know, just trying to find the balance between work and doing what I have to do for this country. You know, it’s difficult,” he said.

He also says this second time around with the convoy is a different experience for him.

“We have a stronger core group now. So everybody that’s currently here works very well together. It’s incredibly efficient if I’m being completely honest with you,” he said.

Valazquez says he plans to return back to work soon but he has a message for law makers in D.C.

“They work for us and we are all free Americans and medical tyranny for safety is unacceptable,” he said.

Officials with the Maryland Governor’s office says they’re working with officials in D.C. and Virginia to ensure a safe flow of traffic as they monitor the convoy’s activities.