HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Congressman David Trone sat down with local leaders today to discuss infrastructure needs in the City of Hagerstown.

In their meeting with Congressman David Trone, Mayor Emily Keller and public works and economic development members highlighted the specific areas they feel should be addressed first.

“So we’re asking with the infrastructure money that’s coming out any help that we can get to help alleviate the debt burden on the city of Hagerstown,” Hagerstown Mayor Emily Keller explained. “You know, infrastructure projects aren’t sexy. They come with a high price tag, but they’re important for the citizens of Hagerstown and beyond.”

The city is currently focusing its efforts on three projects: the bridge on Professional Boulevard, a new water pump station on Hebb Road, and a new parking deck downtown. The bridge on Professional Boulevard would connect Eastern Boulevard directly to Hagerstown Community College and, more importantly, to Meritus Medical Center. Mayor Keller explained that the new bridge would open a more direct route to Meritus. In addition, the project will include 1,300 feet of roadway widening, ADA-compliant sidewalks, traffic signal improvements and connection to the 300 foot, multi-span bridge.

The new pump station, proposed for Hebb Road, will replace the aging infrastructure and address the system’s capacity needs. The Wastewater Pump Station 33 project will increase wastewater collection capacity and treatment plant capacity and allow for more economic development on the Dual Highway corridor. A new wastewater pump will be installed along with 2,400 feet of gravity sewer main 4,000 feet of sewer force-main to replace the existing Pump Station 9, which will be demolished.

The final project discussed with Rep. Trone was a multilevel parking deck downtown. The city plans to build a 380-space parking deck that would provide business-hour parking for the District Court, local restaurants, and the proposed Hagerstown Multi-Use Sports and Events Facility. The new parking deck would be constructed on West Antietam Street next to the District Courthouse. The project also includes a staff office, LED lighting, CCTV cameras for security, solar panels, and space for future public restrooms. Mayor Keller hopes residents will see the potential of the much-needed parking deck.

“A lot of people saying that we don’t need to put a parking deck downtown and it couldn’t be further from the truth. We have so much development happening right now, so we have to find places for people to park,” Mayor Keller explained. “We currently have two decks and we have street parking and also parking lots, but this third deck will help alleviate a lot of the residential growth that we’re seeing downtown.”

The city of Hagerstown will be looking for both federal and state funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which passed back in November. Congressman Trone’s office is working with Mayor Keller and city works to determine which grants are applicable to the different infrastructure projects on the horizon.

“We work together with our grant writing team to help put together the grants and assist and then give support to the grants for Hagerstown, so that’s our mission to be part of the team,” Rep. Trone explained. “So now we’ve got to get that money from Washington to Annapolis to Hagerstown. That’s the mission.”

Congressman Trone also met with the new director of Hagerstown Regional Airport to discuss the recent funding of over $1 million from the American Rescue Plan.