Hagerstown Hopes, a nonprofit supporting the LGBTQ community, is announcing its newest member and supporter: a police officer liaison. 

In 2012 Hagerstown Hopes was created with the hopes of bridging the gap between the straight LGBTQ communities. 

“The Human Rights Campaign they annually come out with a Municipality Index report. It lets the LGBTQ community, as well as anyone,  know how inclusive the city is and Hagerstown was scored very low on this report,” said Jeffrey Rohrer the president of Hagerstown Hopes. “However, we know for a fact that Hagerstown is a very inclusive city and this year we’re working with the city and the police department to improve that score.”

“It’s especially important with the LGBTQ community to know that they have an agency and people within the agency that they can trust with their issues,” said Lt. Rebecca Fetchu, the new liaison officer. “They have the same issues that everyone else has in terms of domestic violence, drug issues, crime. But, I think a lot of time they don’t come forward because they’ve had an issue with the police in the past and maybe there just needs to be some trust building.” 

To find out how to reach out to Hagerstown Hopes or liaison officer, Lt. Fetchu click here