WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced $30 million in economic relief for arts-related businesses. Small venues such as live music stages and locally-owned movie theatres were eligible to receive the funds. This comes as a part of the over $700 million in general economic relief announced recently by the state of Maryland government.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were allocated to Washington County to assist businesses like the Washington County Playhouse and the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

“We were very pleased to be included in the group of organizations that they chose to reimburse for a percentage of lost revenue,” said Shawn R. Martin, co-owner of the Washington County Playhouse.

For some organizations, the money has already been assigned a purpose.

“The big challenge, especially this year, was going to be ticket revenue. And so the purpose of the grant that we identified was to replace lost ticket revenue,” said Jonathan Parrish, executive director of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

The Playhouse was given about $125,000 and the Symphony Orchestra about $210,000.

To view and support the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, you can watch their live concerts here. To stay updated on the Washington County Playhouse’s upcoming projects, you can go here.