Some homeowners in Hagerstown are finding themselves in deep trouble thanks to the recent appearance of some rather large sinkholes.

Seth Linde says he and his wife discovered a massive sinkhole in his backyard on Saturday. His home is in the Rosewood Village community and his home was built in the Fall of 2016. 

Linde says his wife nearly fell into the growing sinkhole.  

They called the non-emergency dispatch number and responding emergency officials were concerned by the size of the hole. 

“Everybody’s afraid to even put any tools down there. I estimated it to be about 15 feet deep,” said Linde. 

Linde says it was then suggested that his family evacuate.  

“They asked that we leave very quickly, within two hours. They were concerned about the safety of us and the house,” he explained. 

Chief of the Funkstown Volunteer Fire Company, Eric Fraley, says this sinkhole is 6 feet away from the home’s foundation and others are forming in the area too.

 For now, the Linde family is hoping to dig themselves out of this hole, literally and figuratively, by working to resolve this issue with the property managers and insurance company.

 Linde offered this advice to others who might find themselves in the same predicament: “Review [your] insurance policy, if land movement is covered or not and see the geo tech engineering.” 

An official from Dan Ryan homes was not able to reached on Monday. However, Chief Fraley says the sinkholes need to be seen by inspectors before any next steps can be taken.