HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– “She was loved… I mean, she is love… she is just light… loved like everything good about a person there could ever be is her. And we don’t mean that lightly,” Angela Munoz, Valerie’s best friend, and former co-worker said.

Valerie Belfoure, mom to three and general manager of the Bulls and Bears Restaurant and Pub, recently died due to COVID-19 complications. 

“I’ve never met anyone like Valerie… There is no one like her,” Brittany Lewis, Valerie’s best friend, said.

Friends met at Bulls and Bears Restaurant and Pub in Downtown Hagerstown Tuesday to remember Valerie, someone they say was a dedicated and hard-working leader of the restaurant community in Washington County, Maryland. 

“Definitely couldn’t have been a better, more selfless person on this planet. I mean, literally, she would do anything for anyone at any time for any reason,” Devan Boppe, Valerie’s best friend and former co-worker, said.

“She’s selfless like she loves, she loves like deeply all the time like it’s just things will never things just won’t be the same without there’s going to be a very very deep hurt here. I think for a long time,” Munoz continued.

Even when Valerie was struggling with her own personal issues, her friends said, she still put others before herself. 

“I’ve planned my baby shower here, and she, you know, told everyone I’m going to have the oxygen tank and I’m rolling it in like I’m absolutely not missing it like stop it,” Lewis said.

Valerie’s presence made such a big impact in the Washington County community — where many will miss her big, positive energy and loving smile.

“I don’t know. I talked to several people that said they don’t know if they can even come in here yet. Because to pull up and not see her car outside and not walk in and be greeted with like a ‘hi buddy’ or ‘hi friend,” Lewis continued.

“And it’s going to be hard trying to fill her big shoes. Trying to keep you know the warm the love the welcoming,” Munoz stated.

“She was the light…” Lewis stated.

Funeral arrangements will be posted once they are confirmed on the restaurant’s Facebook Page.