FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — If you’re a senior citizen or someone who has a disability, and you find it hard to travel, the transit services of Frederick County want to remind you that the Taxi Access Program is available to help fulfill your needs. 

The Taxi Access Program (TAP) is meant to be an additional option to the transit Plus program.

The Transit Plus Program is a curb to curb service for seniors and people with disabilities, but services cut off at a certain time. The TAP program gives residents more flexibility to travel after hours or on weekends.

Transit will also help put money on your travel voucher so you can get around with ease. 

Frederick County Transit Services stated that “seniors and people with disabilities must be registered with TransIT-plus and been users of the service for at least three months to be eligible for the TAP. Eligible users can receive an allotment of taxi fare per month. Zone A users (zip codes 21701, 21702, 21703) will be eligible to receive $60 in taxi fare per month for $10. All other zip codes are Zone B and those residents will be eligible to receive $120 in taxi fare per month for $20. Beginning in 2019, TAP customers now have the option to pay monthly fare in two smaller payments up to twice a month.”

You can find more information at their website.