FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Residents in Frederick County, Maryland voiced their concerns about a proposed bill to set up a police accountability board.

The bill has been a hot topic for members of the Frederick County Council as they work to set up a police accountability board.

When the legislation was originally proposed to the board, it would have five members and would be responsbile of receiving and handling complaints about police misconduct.

Earlier this week, a town hall was held where residents voiced their concerns.

“Putting this bill together, there’s a meeting with municipal leaders, and there’s meetings with city chief of police. But, there’s not meetings with representatives from the community and specifically with communities of color,” explained Frederick resident, Willie Mahone.

Thursday, we spoke with Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner. She reaffirmed residents that the board will be made out of members of the community and not members of the police department.

Gardner also stated that although the county has until July to have a board set in place, she says the board’s goal will be to serve the community.

“We all want this to be successful and to meet the intent that the state legislature has here to really make this a transparent process and thus assure the public that allegations of misconduct are handled appropriately,” County Executive, Jan Gardner explained.

The county council will host another workshop further discussing the bill at the end of February.