MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Police said Tuesday that they arrested four people on gun charges after making a couple of traffic stops earlier this month.

An officer first pulled over a car in the area of Georgia Avenue and Lindell Street in Wheaton/Glenmont on the evening of June 9. The driver was 19-year-old Javier Reyes of Hyattsville, and a search found a large amount of marijuana and a loaded handgun.

Police arrested Reyes and found “suspected cocaine and a bag containing suspected Oxycodone pills” on him.

The second traffic stop took place on the evening of June 14 in the area of Georgia Avenue and Bel Pre Road. An officer pulled a car over because of expired registration plates and found three people with a glass jar of marijuana in the car. After a search, police found a “ghost gun,” two other loaded guns (one of which was stolen) and more marijuana.

The three in the car were 19-year-old Alexander Sandeep Borge of Riverdale and two 16-year-old boys.

The two teenagers were charged as adults.