FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — School systems all around the area are in the process of increasing their security measures after Tuesday’s devastating mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

In response to this tragedy, FCPS is working with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department to ensure the safety of its students and staff.

“We have a SRO assigned which is a student resource officer assigned to each high school feeder pattern,” FCPS Board President Brad Young explained. “… Brunswick is covered by Brunswick city police and in Frederick at the high school, elementary and middle schools.”

Along with having more student resource officers in schools, they have trained their staff on what to do in situations like the one in Texas and have made check-in zones before anyone is permitted inside the school building.

With these updates young hopes that this will give students and staff the resources to report anything suspicious during school hours.

“Our hopes are that obviously something like what happened in Texas can be forwarded by somebody coming to the officer and saying somebody doesn’t seem like they’re right today or something’s going on,” Young said. “That’s the purpose of having them there.”

Tarolyn Thrasher was attending a vigil from the Buffalo, New York shooting when she found out about the shooting in Texas. She says although having SRO’s is a good thing, she feels the only way to decrease mass shootings is to make a change in gun laws.

“I lost sleep I did and I was just like, do we draw the line in the sand and survive us as a country of people that fight strict gun laws,” Thrasher said. “So it’s like, we got to take some rights away to make a drastic change, and that’s why I’m feeling like we’re coming in.”

The FCPS board urges anyone with concerns pertaining to the safety of any Frederick county schools to reach out to the several student resource officers being placed in schools.

“Don’t assume that anything isn’t for real,” Young said. “In today’s world, we have to take every legitimate concern serious seriously because you never want to look back and say I wish I’d call it and share that this was on somebody’s social media, or there’s somebody said something and then you didn’t report it and something bad happened.”