FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Financial literacy is a key aspect to success, which is why Frederick County Public Schools have partnered with SkyPoint Federal Credit Union to teach financial literacy across 11 FCPS high schools.

According to the Milken Institute, an organization that publishes research about financial information, “64% percent of adults living in high-income households are financially literate, compared to about 47% of adults living in low-income households.”

“We are thrilled to partner with FCPS on this important program,” said Audra Pettus, Director of Community Relations for SkyPoint. “Instilling the basics of budgeting and fiscal discipline at a young age is key to setting people on the right path for good financial health for a lifetime. SkyPoint commends their efforts to include financial literacy in their curriculum.”

SkyPoint will support FCPS’s utilization of the web-based hands-on teaching tool,, which will helps students learn about personal finance, economics, business, and more.

“SkyPoint is the perfect partner for us. They are highly experienced and active in bringing financial workshops and other programs to the community,” said Norm McGaughey, Coordinator of Career & Technology Education for FCPS. “Their sponsorship allows us to extend the program for another two years and expand it to include up to 1,000 students. We also plan to have SkyPoint participate in upcoming events to share their expertise.”