MARYLAND (WDVM) — If you’re ever driving on the highway and notice an emergency vehicle is stopped and using visual signals, by law you’re supposed to try and change into another lane that is away from the emergency worker. This is called the “Move Over Law”, and AAA wants to expand it. 

This current state law applies to emergency vehicles, tow trucks and service vehicles, but AAA Mid-Atlantic and Senator Jeff Waldstreicher, who serves District 18 in Montgomery County, is proposing that the move-over-law apply to all vehicles displaying hazard lights. Officials believe this could be a life-saving measure. 

Senate Bill (SB) 147 is sponsored by Waldstreicher, who also serves as Vice Chair of the JPR Committee. 

“I am honored to sponsor this life-saving measure on behalf of AAA Mid-Atlantic and Maryland motorists,” said Senator Jeff Waldstreicher. “Tragically, the number of incidents where disabled motorists are injured or killed on the side of the road, or when first responders are struck while serving others, continues to increase.”

“Being on the side of the road is dangerous for everyone and we have seen that even those who the law is already intended to protect are not exempt from the perils on the road,” said Ragina C. Ali, Public and Government Affairs Manager for AAA Mid-Atlantic in Maryland and Washington, D.C.