FREDERICK, Md (WDVM) – As the 2021 primary draws near, the City of Frederick currently has 7 candidates running for the Mayoral position.

Local businessman John Funderburk announced his candidacy for mayor in February, and says he has a unique approach to his campaign.

Funderburk said he wants to reduce crime by 50%, address homelessness within the city, stimulate economic growth, and build the hotel and conference center in downtown Frederick.

“If you want Frederick to be the same way it is four years from now, vote for one of the other candidates,” he said. “… When I run for mayor, I’m not going to go for re-election. I’m going to run one term, one term only to get what I need done, because Frederick needs to get it done.”

Funderburk said if elected, he will refuse to take a paycheck from the position until he believes his constituents are satisfied with his progress.