FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — What started as a woman’s gun club has now turned into an organization where women learn how to use a firearm and now they are also celebrating its one-year anniversary.

“One year ago, we started out with a meet and greet of 33 women that showed interest in this organization. And we have now grown to almost 115 members,” Chapter Leader Rebecca Hafer said. “So today it was all about rejoicing and the fellowship that we have, and the amount of growth to allow women to become more educated, more confident, and more empowered with firearms.”

During their celebration members participated in ranging drills and escape room games where they got to test their firearm knowledge.

All of the members raved about the year they had and the years to come.

“It has been incredible to celebrate our one-year anniversary,” Lauren Martin said. “It’s so exciting just watching how much the group has grown in the last year and how many friendships and relationships have been built, how much we’ve learned, and it’s just been really an awesome experience.”

Members hope that as the years go by they will be able to expand more and reach more women willing to learn.

“I’d like to grow it as large as we can,” Hafer said. “This group isn’t me amazing and I’m honored to be teaching them and allowing them to grow because it’s my personal goal without teaching everyone that comes so that they can be more empowered and more educated and safer with their battles and eliminate fear.

For more information about how you can get involved with the Armed Women of America visit their website.