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FREDERICK, Md., (WDVM) — We see it. We hear it. We know about it, yet, what do we do about it? Every year millions of people fall victim to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

Organizations like the Heartly House in Frederick work to lift up all who are affected.

“We like to see ourselves as providing holistic services,” said President and Executive Director, Inga James.

A task like that comes with a price tag which why the organization was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from United Way and Laughlin Foundation.

This funding will help support some of the vulnerable children’s services for those children who have experienced trauma.

“When I first came on 6 years ago, child counseling was underfunded and it was really important to me in the field to make sure that our children were getting some of these services,” said James.

The award will pay for counseling and animal-assisted therapy like Pandy the highly-trained facility dog, who has a big impact on the kids.

“For kids who have really experienced, directly and indirectly, some serious abuse, it really helps to have pandy here to bridge the gap for them,” said Clinical Therapist, Dr. Monica.

Pandy helps make sure that even in their road to recovery, the kids are never alone.

“When we experience trauma, oftentimes, it’s when we are alone,” said Dr. Monica. “You don’t have to be alone here, that’s the biggest thing. You don’t have to be alone, you are believed and we’re here to support you. “

Step by step, it’s a healing process, that can’t be missed.

“If we leave our children out of any of the interventions that we have possible for them, we’re just selling out our future,” said James.

Helping kids today, for tomorrow and the future. To learn more about the Heartly House, click here.

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