FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — On Tuesday, the Frederick County Council discussed reshaping their board of health to include more health professionals, and fewer elected officials to allow for more effective policy decision-making. 

Currently, the board of health includes the County Executive, councilmembers, and the county health official who is the only health professional on the board. Councilmembers Jerry Donald (D) and Kai Hagen (D) sponsored the bill.

They propose the board consists of the health officer and 12 members which includes 4 appointed health professionals.

“We’re talking about people with expertise in these fields who are willing and want to, and are approved by the council,” said Hagen. “And hopefully would have a combination of different kinds of scientific-related relevant expertise.”

Some concerns raised were the council not having a majority vote, the vetting process of members and size of the board, and the lack of accountability non-elected officials have.

“I think we need to be responsive, and an unelected board… who knows what they would do?” said Dacey. “But my fear is the lack of accountability to the public and specific expertise in this area would kind of insulate them into their own opinions.”

At this time, the council says they will revisit this proposal after more discussion.