A new study shows many millennials believe age 30 should be the payroll cut off age within a family

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Study says that some millenials feel they need to be supported past 22


A recent study done by TD Ameritrade suggests some millennials believe being on the family payroll until about 30 is acceptable.

The study looked at a variety of money habits from millennials. It pointed out that those surveyed between the ages of 22-28 thought age 30 should be the financial cut off age. Parents surveyed believed 27 was the appropriate cut off age. Millennial Deborah Moreiara says she thinks times have changed and with it, spending habits.

“It is very different, things are much more expensive than things back in the day.” says Moreiara, “and now how much discipline it does take to manage money. You are set with a certain paycheck at first and then you gotta learn how to spread it out and work then keep something for yourself..”

Rina Martinez, is a mother of a couple millennials and wanted to share a piece of her mind.

“If you live under the roof of the parents, you need to learn to pay for bills.” says Martinez, “became a responsible person. Because once you become older than that, you need to learn how to survive.”

According to the study, millennials need some help beyond college years because they don’t know how to save.

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