Local Muslims prepare for Ramadan


Tomorrow is the start of Ramadan and Muslim families throughout the Washington County area are preparing for their month long of fasting.

Some may not like the idea of a month long of fasting, but Ramadan is a holiday Yasmine Sayed and her family look forward to.

“It’s like very dear to me because all my family. Everybody in my family is Muslim…I really like being Muslim,” Esan Soharab, Sayed’s son said.

“The focus of this month is the Quran because that’s when it was revealed in one of the nights of Ramadan,” Yasmine Sayed, a local Muslim said.

Following the lunar calendar, Muslims believe Ramadan is the month when Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. After fasting, they spend nights praying and reciting about 20 pages per night.

“The idea is that if you can refrain from the things that are permissible then you can stop yourself from the prohibited things,” Soharab said.

Ramadan is a time of deeper cleansing than just restraining from food and water. They say it takes a lot of mental as well as physical preparation.

“It’s a mental exercise as well and one of the scholars said fasting is the highest form of fasting. It’s to be able to control your thoughts. That’s the highest form so you stop yourself from negative thoughts, or any kind of bad thoughts, lustful. Things like that,” Sayed said.

Muslims say they start to prepare a month in advance by cutting down on food, fasting a couple days and stocking up on foods likes dates and watermelon and drinking water to stay hydrated.

“In the Quran it says that god doesn’t want to make it hard. He wants to make it easy so if your trying to fast during Ramadan its going to be easier than if you’re fasting out of Ramadan,” soharab said.

Sayed says Ramadan is a time when you get closer to god and believes there is no other experience like it and gives a strong sense of community.

“It’s a good feeling because you get to see family and also revive your faith,” Soharab said.

This year Ramadan will end on June 24.

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