Local Jewish community welcomes New Year with acts of service


“Rosh Hashanah translates to head of the year, so it’s the start of the year,” said President of Kehilat Shalom, Mike Goldman.  “It’s the holiest ten-day period in our calendar.”

On Sunday, the eve of the High Holiday, synagogues across Montgomery County performed, what are called, mitzvahs.

“The objective of Jewish people is something called repairing the world, or tikkun olam, so you gotta do good stuff,” said Goldman.

Kehilat Shalom is one of eight synagogues in the area delivering bags of food to Jewish needy families.

“I went to pick up all the bags that we’re gonna be distributing,” said volunteer, Jeffrey Greenwald.

Greenwald stuffed nearly 40 bags in his car for this group of volunteers to deliver throughout the Upcounty area.

The Jewish Social Services Agency provides these bags every year.

To ring in the sweet New Year, there’s traditional snacks like honey and apples and kosher wine.

“It’s the New Year, and we want them to start off the New Year with at least some nice food products,” said Greenwald.

Some of these volunteers have been delivering bags for more than five years.

They say it’s an extremely rewarding process.

“Unfortunately there are a lot of people that are under-privileged,” said Greenwald.  “They don’t have the things that we all have. I think it’s up to our community to provide those services for them.”

“We’re a small cogue in a big wheel doing a big effort here,” said Goldman.

The New Year is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman according to the Hebrew Bible.

Rosh Hashanah is on Monday and Tuesday this year, but services begin Sunday night.

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