Local Audiologist and Husband Donate to Aid Hearing-Impaired at Maryland Theatre

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – A local audiologist, Dr. Karen Hamilton, and her husband, Dr. Scott Hamilton, are contributing to the revitalization of the Maryland Theatre.

Both made a donation to install a hearing looping system within the Theatre that would enhance the experience for the hearing-impaired.

“48 million people have hearing loss in at least one ear – that’s significant,” said Dr. Karen Hamilton of Audiology Services. “People who have hearing loss – it’s an impairment, but it’s an invisible disability. People do not make special arrangements for people with hearing loss or consider that.”

As long as hearing-impaired patrons have a t-coil in their hearing aides and activate them during the performance, they’ll be able to hear crystal clear sound. A t-coil, also known as a telecoil, can serve as an alternate or supplemental input device for a hearing aid.

If they don’t have a hearing aid, a portable listening device is available at the Theatre.

“We installed an induction hearing loop system that ties directly into their sound system,” said Fred Wolford of Hagerstown Hearing. “It’s a low voltage system that is wired, and when it’s tied in the audio system, it produces a signal that transmits to a person who’s wearing a hearing aid in the telecoil position.”

Dr. Hamilton says 80 percent of all hearing aids have t-coils, but they’re not all activated.

“Coming in, you won’t see it, you won’t trip over it. It’s hidden – it works, but you won’t see it,” said Cy Hudson and Matt Hamilton of Hagerstown Hearing. “That’s one of the other nice things about this system. It works with everyone’s hearing aid, but you don’t have to see it. You don’t stand out – you’re discreet and it provides the best experience of any type of assisted listening system available.”

The seat unveiling will be held on February 12.

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