WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Waymap, a free app designed to help users navigate indoors and outdoors, debuted at Metro’s Brookland-CUA. Unlike the regular navigation app, that app provides helpful navigation to the blind and visually impaired users to quickly navigate while taking metro trains and buses, and more.

The app is launched at Braddock Road, Brookland, and Silver Spring Metro stations.

According to the company, the app is free to all users and does not use GPS, and it says it is accurate up to three feet of a destination and can operate in challenging cellular environments. Importantly, for users who are blind and visually impaired, it has a step-by-step audio direction that directs users as the app can detect the surroundings using AI technologies. It can instruct users on exactly how many steps to take and how many degrees to turn.

For instance, the product demonstration during the media event told a user how many steps to the station’s stairs, directions to the ticket entrance, steps to the ticket entrance, and so on. The company said its technologies can be used in the metro systems and can be used in the real-world experience.

Waymap will be rolled out in phases to deploy the app at up to 30 Metro train stations and nearly 1,000 bus stops by September of this year. The app is scheduled to be working across the entire Metro system by early 2023. The company said the app is intended for users who are visually impaired and blind, but they are looking to the possibility of expanding to users who have mobility challenges.