It has a more aggressive look than last year with a new nose and tail. The 2020 Jaguar XE shows there really is an alternative to those other European sports sedans.

Our review car is the mid-equipped P250 S model with standard rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is available.

The biggest improvements are inside with a redesigned dash and more comfortable seats. Some controls still have a way to go to catch the competition in ease of use, but overall it is better. An 8-speed automatic is found in all versions.

Clever climate knobs handle temperature, heated seats and fan settings all in one control. Some icons on the touchscreen are still too small to use safely when driving.

This Jag has a feature I’ve only seen on Toyota. The rearview mirror is conventional until you flip a button and it becomes a video screen to show the rear view.

Row two legroom is a bit tight like most sports sedans. Cargo space is better.

Under the hood, only one engine is now offered: a turbo-charged four with 247 horsepower. R models get a higher tune of the same engine. The V6 and diesel are gone.

This is a true sports sedan that’s fun to drive, with good balance and excellent braking while still being comfortable.

So, for the 2020 Jaguar XE P250 S, I say thumbs up to the improved styling, redesigned interior and good value. Thumbs go down to the small touchscreen icons.

I averaged about 29 miles per gallon. The as-reviewed sticker is $40,900.