The all-new BMW X6 is a polarizing vehicle. Some people love the way it looks. Others hate it.

Now in its third generation, the X6 has found plenty of buyers. Our review car is the six-cylinder 40i with xDrive all-wheel drive. Driver visibility to the rear is poor because of that ski slope roofline.

The X6 interior is very similar to BMW’s conventional SUV, the X5. It’s a pleasing layout with lots of driver-friendly features. The iDrive rotary infotainment controller is still here. It’s backed up by touchscreen functions, too. There are four drive modes.

Of course, everybody has USB connectors in row two now, but I like what BMW has done with theirs. They’re mounted high in the center of the back of the seat.

Cargo space is reduced a bit by the sloping roof, but it’s still generous compared to a sedan.

The inline turbocharged six has 335 horsepower. V8’s with more than 500 horsepower are available in other versions, but the six provides plenty of power and handling is quite good. I averaged about 23 miles per gallon.

So, for the 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i, I say thumbs up to good performance, a comfortable interior, and good cargo space. Thumbs go down to poor rear visibility.

The pre-production car had no sticker but should be about $63,000.