If there’s any car that should be black, it’s the BMW 5-series. It just looks right. Our review car is the 530i, meaning this is the four-cylinder model.

Optional all-wheel-drive, called xDrive, really came in handy during an unusually early snowfall.

The 5-series interior is upgraded with more standard equipment. A digital dash, navigation and keyless smart key entry are all now standard. The automatic is a smooth-shifting eight-speed.

BMW calls it Dakota leather, and the front seats are very supportive with extendable bottom cushions. With three drive modes, sport, of course, is the most entertaining.

Row two is roomy and comfortable. The 5-series tradition of an extra-roomy cargo hold continues, too.

A two-liter turbo-four with only 248 horsepower isn’t much for a car this size, but fuel mileage is exceptional. I averaged about 33 miles to the gallon.

Three other engines are available. The diesel is gone.

The 5-series is more luxury now than sport, but it’s still a fine-handling, long-distance cruiser.

So, for the 2020 BMW 530i xDrive, I say thumbs up to handsome styling, a comfortable interior and excellent gas mileage. Thumbs go down to the underpowered base engine

The as-reviewed sticker price is a little over $59,700.