Life coaches host spring cleaning summit


For some people, spring cleaning is about much more than just throwing out old clothes and tidying up the house.

It can also be a way of life.

That is why several prominent life coach specialists came together Sunday to create a summit about organizing the parts of a persons life that can sometimes be hard to reach. 

“Spring clean your mind, body, soul and space,” said Life coach Lauren Lemunyan. “I was finding that events were focusing on one aspect of your life so either your mind or your space and I wanted to be able to create a really concentrated event to pinpoint those trouble spots and also find really easy to use solutions and kind of a tool kit.”

The seminar was broken up into several sections including a round table discussion and meditation strategies to help un-clutter the various aspects of a persons life, both physical and mental.

“Starting with brain de-cluttering and just having that space on paper to just flush it all out and just getting really clear on who you want to be,” said Lemunyan. “Maybe it’s asking for help, maybe its just understanding that your not going to be Martha Stewart and just being appreciative for yourself and asking your friends for help.”

Attendees came to the spring cleaning summit with a wide range of motivations, including recovering from life changing-cross-country moves.

“I really downsized moving from Texas to come to Washington D.C.,” said summit participant Ltisha Slagle. “Even though I moved from a big huge house to a little one bedroom apartment I still have a lot of stuff that I need to de-clutter from.”

The summit also placed a large focus on the value of personal branding, organizing social media feeds and the importance of a carefully maintained online presence.

Life coaches at the event said that they were excited by the turnout and hope to continue building the summit up into a large-scale annual-seasonal event.

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