Krumpe’s Donuts satisfies sweet tooth cravings on Fastnacht Day


It’s Fat Tuesday, a day known for eating anything and everything. Krumpe’s Donuts in Hagerstown is helping the community satisfy sweet tooth cravings on what is also known as Fastnacht day.

Krumpe’s Donuts has been serving up some of the best donuts around since 1934, but Tuesday was all about the Fastnachts.

They’re hoping this is a record year for sales.

“The dough we’re currently working on should take us over 4,000 dozen just of the Fastnachts, not counting our regular donuts that we made. We’re hoping to cross 6,000 dozen this year, which would be a record for us,” said Fred Krumpe, co-owner of Krumpe’s Donuts.

It didn’t matter if you were young or old, the community poured into Donut Alley to get their hands on a dozen Fastnachts.

“When the community comes out and is willing to stand out in the cold for an hour, hour and a half for your product, then you must be doing something right, and that really makes us proud,” Fred Krumpe said.

“We saw on Twitter and Facebook last night that there were long lines, so we decided we were going to come out and see what all of the buzz was about,” said Edythe Walker, Krumpe’s Customer. 

Fastnachts are a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. They differ from their donut counterpart by shape and spices.

“On Shrove Tuesday, they would use up their old flower and shortening and make different things, and Fastnachts were one of them,” Fred Krumpe said.

Edythe Walker’s ranked her first Krumpe’s experience an eight out of ten.

“They were fresh, and they were nice and hot – fresh out of the oven and nice people working in there,” she said.

Employees have been working since 4 p.m. Sunday, and they anticipate being their until Wednesday morning.

If you’re interested in picking up a dozen donuts or Fastnachts from Krumpe’s, you can find them on Donut Alley in Hagerstown.

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