Kids solve zombie apocalypse as epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University


Kids suited up and stepped into the role of epidemiologists to solve what was causing a zombie outbreak Friday. 

“It’s not just lab work; it’s more conducting experiments, talking with each other and figuring out where the infection came from and what might have caused it,” said Niraja Bohidar, Masters Student, Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County.

This was just one of dozens of labs that opened its doors Friday to 500 students from the school district.

JHU was joined by a slew of local organizations, like Adventist Healthcare and Neurodiagnostics, to celebrate its 9th annual Frontiers in Science and Medicine Day.

“The purpose of it is to expose students at an early age, when they’re really starting to think about what they might want to do when they grow up, to career opportunities in the sciences and in medicine,” said Ellen Poltilove, Media Relations Manager, JHU Montgomery County.

Teamwork was a key theme of the day; after all, you can’t solve a zombie apocalypse independently!

“People had different opinions, but we learned how to talk to each other without being rude,” said student Sanjana Yendluri.

And after a cursory survey, students not only appeared to learn what epidemiology is but expressed pursuing a future career in it.

“The concepts in science that they see and participate in in class actually comes into fruition here,” said Rhonda Moreno, Supervisor of Secondary Science, Technology and Engineering, MCPS.

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