Kerri Reigh: I was wrongfully convicted

“I’m still in shock. It hasn’t hit me yet,” said Kerri Reigh, who was found guilty of breaking into Robert Basore’s home, robbing him and beating him. 
Reigh has spent six days behind bars for a crime she says she didn’t commit. Since there was no physical evidence in the case, the prosecuting attorney relied on witnesses to prove his case. 
“Sometimes the only way you can prove these cases is through the testimony of witnesses, through the testimony and statements from their co-conspirators or people they hang around with,” said Tim Helman of the Berekeley County Prosecutor’s Office.
All three defendants were found guilty on all eight charges including first-degree robbery, assault during the commission of a felony, burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery. 
“We never know what impresses one juror versus another, but they considered the evidence, they did their job and they returned a verdict,” Helman said. 
Reigh plans to appeal her case, but until then, she’s being held at the Eastern Regional Jail awaiting her July 11 sentencing date.
Sherry Basore was also charged in this case. She took a plea deal but was arrested Monday morning after her testimony was inconsistent during the trail. 
“I was offered a plea of time served and plead out to a misdemeanor and I didn’t take it because I did not do this crime,” Reigh said. 
“The family deserves closure, but they deserve the correct closure,” said Tiffany Reel, Ryan Henson’s friend.
Friends and family of the defendants said that justice has not been served. 
“They had faith in the system that their innocence would be proven in the courtroom and the system let them down,” Reel said. 
Reigh feels badly about what happened, but said she’s innocent.
“I was wrongly convicted,” Reigh said. “I am innocent. I really do feel terrible about what happened to that family. It is a very horrible crime, but they got the wrong one.”

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