Kayakers paddle to clean up Monocacy River


THURMONT, Md (WDVM) – The Monocacy River is going to be a bit cleaner this weekend thanks to some kayakers with some trash bags.

About a dozen volunteers at Creagerstown Park hopped in their kayaks to participate in the “River Rescue Cleanup” event.

Kayce Heister and her friend Kelly Getz set up the event on social media, promoting a morning of fun on the water while cleaning up nature.

“We did this once before at a different river a couple of years ago and we thought it was a brilliant idea,” Getz said. “Because we still got to do what we wanted to do, we kayaked, we were out in nature, and we walked away on a positive note.”

Volunteers armed themselves with trash bags and set out on the river, picking up as much trash as they could find and fit in their kayaks.

Heister said they can’t clean up the whole river in one day, but it’s a start.

“The plan is we will do sections of rivers until that river is fully clean or at least the best that we can clean it,” Heister said. “And then we will move to another river in Maryland.”

Heister and Getz said they’re hoping their river rescue will inspire others to find enjoyable ways to spend their time while also doing their part to give back to the planet.

Carol Atwell was a part of the clean up and said she wants to help make the park look better and be safer to enjoy.

“It looks awful to see garbage, tires and bottles on the bank and in the river,” Atwell said. “It’s dangerous to walk in the water when there’s broken bottles and it’s bad for the environment…”

For those looking to do something similar, the group recommends you come prepared and to never go out on the water by yourself.

Heister said the cleanup was a great success and they’re looking forward to getting back in the water in the near future

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