Jefferson County woman inspires more than 10,000 people to lose weight on low-carb diet


In a state that ranks second in obesity, losing weight means a lot more than just dropping dress sizes to West Virginians.

“I had to go on disability and quit my job of 24 years and I basically felt like I lost my purpose in life,” Michelle Dorsey said.

After being a serial dieter her entire life, Dorsey lost 110 pounds after starting this low-carbohydrate diet.

“Now, because of these wonderful people and I get to reach out to people and change their lives, I feel like I have my purpose back. I have my life back,” Dorsey said.

It was designed by Dr. Eric Westman, who co-authored the Atkins diet.

A Jefferson County woman has inspired more than 10,000 people to start the program and drop hundreds of pounds.

Melanie Miller said the diet focuses on cutting the carbohydrates out for those who are carbohydrate-intolerant.

“This is people who have metabolic conditions, diabetes, pre-diabetes, maybe they have PCOS or endometriosis and because they have those conditions, their bodies cannot process sugar, flour and starch,” Miller said.

Dieters eliminate certain fruits, vegetables, and starches, which typically help others who are able to process carbohydrates lose weight, but it only packs on the pounds for those who are carbohydrate-intolerant.

However, that doesn’t mean dieters can’t indulge on some of their favorite foods.

Lance Paul lost 33 pounds since he began the diet on January 16th of this year.

“I can still eat an entire prime rib with vegetables on the side, I would’ve never thought I could eat that,” Paul said.

Dwain Dawson has lost so much weight since he began on Memorial Day of 2016 that he and his wife can both fit in his old pair of pants.

“These are a size 50 pants and I am in a pair of 34’s today,” Dawson said.

However, dieters said best of all they are not alone on their weight loss journey.

Bill Nicewarner has lost 45 pounds since he began in May of 2016.

“If somebody is feeling weak, all they have to do is send out a message and everybody is there to support everybody else,” Nicewarner said.

Melanie Miller will be teaching others how to start this low-carbohydrate diet at the Clarion in Shepherdstown on April 8th at 1 p.m.

For tickets, please go to:

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