“Intexticated” while driving is just as bad as drunk driving


Over a million Marylanders are expected to be driving this week and advised to drop that cell phone.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WDVM)–“Intexticating”, texting while driving, can be fatal.

Pete Piringer, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue’s PIO says driving and texting is just as dangerous as drunk driving. “Let’s just start with having people concentrate,” says Piringer, “when they get behind the wheel, do what you are supposed to do: drive the car.”

Ironically, AAA released a study saying the majority of people texting and driving are not even old enough to drink. It also says more than half of teen drivers admit to using cell phones while behind the wheel.

Cristian Servellon is twenty-years-old fitting right on the edge of young adult and teen. When asked if he texts and drives he says, “I’ll be honest, yes, I do every once and a while.”

He says what makes him grab his phone is his “addiction” to it. The young man added he likes to curb his boredom while in traffic, “I pull it out (the phone) and I play my little game, and some red lights too, I get distracted.”

However, every age group is guilty of texting and driving. “I do, I do it sometimes,” admits Camille Upchurch, “I think it’s a bad habit at like a stop light or a stop sign, but I still think it’s distracting.”

The good thing is they say they both have a plan. Upchurch says she will be focused on the road especially this week and Servellon says, “Just don’t do it, even if you feel confident you can.”

The Maryland Department of Transportation says texting and using the phone while driving is the leading cause of distracted driving and since Piringer says this week will be busy with traffic, it is essential we keep off our phones even if boredom hits.

Waiting to text…could save a life.

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