“How do you say you knew? I just knew.” To one family, adoption is a dream come true.


"It's almost like they came to our family knowing we were their tribe."

ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — It was a dream Molly Henneberg Nagel had since she was a teenager: go to China and adopt a baby girl affected by the country’s (now defunct) One Child Policy.

“If there was a mother brave enough to carry a little girl to term in China and place her in a place where she could be found and loved, then we would bring her to a country that cherished her and loved her and gave her an opportunity,” said Nagel.

Shortly after she and her husband had their biological daughter, Jacqueline, they started the paperwork-filled process of adoption. While the process changes every day, Nagel says the Chinese-American adoption process was seamless.

On their first trip to China (with grandparents and 5-year-old Jacqueline in tow) they adopted Carolyn and Christian from two separate provinces. A second trip brought Daniel. The kids are named for their grandparents and their Chinese-given first names are now their middle names.

The kids didn’t speak English when they arrived in the States, but Nagel says they were well-prepared for their journey ahead. “It’s almost like they came to our family knowing we were their tribe.”

They’ve got their tribe stateside, and if they’re ever interested in learning about where they were born, Nagel says their tribe will cross oceans.

“We would love to go back with them if that becomes their interest. We’re going to kind of follow them and follow their lead and see what their interests are and see what their curiosities are and we’ll follow them,” Nagel said.

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