In light of Confederate monuments being removed, activists say Maryland flag should be changed

City after city, Confederate statues are being taken down. Now, some activists are saying the Maryland State Flag needs to be changed because of its Confederate ties.
The current Maryland State Flag is divided into four quadrants; the colors represent the state’s founding father Lord Baltimore and his family. The black and gold represents the Calverts’ family, which is the father’s side, while the red and white side represents the mother’s side. 
But during the Civil War, soldiers used those colors to show what side they supported.
As a border state, Maryland had soldiers on both sides.
“The Union adopted the gold and the black. They would wear the pins on their uniforms, and Confederates wore the Crosslands’ red crest with the red and the white to represent secession,” Anna Cueto, Curator, Historical Society of Washington County, said.
This is why some want the red and white quadrants changed. But historians said the design was meant to bring the state together after the war, not divide it. 
“For the Sesquicentennial of the founding of Baltimore in 1880, they pulled out this new design of the flag, and it became so popular as the symbol of a unified Maryland, the state actually adopted it in 1904,” Cueto said.
In a statement sent to us, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan the iconic state flag will not be changed, and any proposal for change is absurd.
The first Maryland State Flag originally had a blue background with the Maryland seal.

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