Youth mentoring symposium held to help connect those in need


The Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families held their annual Youth Development and Mentoring Symposium.

County mentors and support groups are looking into ways to connect the youth in Montgomery County.

“It’s very easy for youth to get caught up in the wrong circles and negative influences,” said Kirsten Minor, Family Services, Inc. Recovery support specialist.

Minor says it’s harder for some youth to break through barriers, that’s why family services helped over 100 kids get through hardships like addiction. Officials say many aren’t aware of the programs and services out there. This event features presentations and workshops led by youth development

“We want to make sure as we focus on all youth in the county we don’t forget about young ladies – sometimes we tend to because what we see more visibly is boys having more challenges,” said Terrill North, Montgomery County Collaboration Council executive director.

Some of the topics included mental and behavioral health and identifying when help is needed.

“Instead of fussing understanding and recognizing that their voices are just as important and finding a way to bridge the gaps,” said Minor.

The main focus is to educate those in positions to help the youth so many can live healthy lives – despite problems some can’t work through alone.

“We want to make sure everyone in the community knows these things exist, that they exist here in Montgomery County and that their students and young folks can benefit from this program,” said North.

The symposium will last for three days – Wednesdays topic is on cultivating wellness among young minority women.

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