Yale University elects first Black student body president

History has been made, and at the center of it all is a Montgomery County native who just became the first Black student body president at the prestigious Yale University.
Kahlil Greene is a rising junior and says his newly elected position allows him to be the voice of underrepresented students on campus.
His story has taken social media by storm and made him a viral star.
“I feel amazing,” says Greene. “Over the last few days people have been posting on social media and others have reached out to me from all walks of life. Someone even reached out from years ago to chat. It was awesome.”
Greene says he won by an uncontested election and wants to focus on four areas for his platform.
“I ran a four-by-four policy plan,” he says. “Four specific initiatives under the four areas of campus life being community, engagement academic success, health and wellness and also internal reforms under student government.”
When asked if he plans to run for office one day, he said it may be in the cards. But for now, he considers drawing comic book characters, playing volleyball, and rapping as his hobbies.
Greene’s parents have been instrumental in giving Greene as much support as they can.
“I am so excited for Kahlil,” Karen Greene, his mother, says. “I think the message that I have for parents is to encourage your children […] Support your children, support them in their dreams, support them in their goals.”
Greene has reached a milestone goal by becoming the first Black student body president and says he wants to inspire others.
“I think there is a lot of different communities that I want to go back out and reach back out to,” he says. “So definitely reaching out to all my teachers hoepfully I can go back and talk to the students and inspire them and tell them my story, get them motivated to achieve their own goals.”

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