Visualize 2045 drafts a future transportation plan for National Capital Region


A transportation study group Vision Zero gave Montgomery County residents a scope of their traffic plan in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Transportation officials set up a workshop for a new plan that will fit the growth of different means of transportation. In 25 years, studies show there will be more residents and jobs, so the plan is based on development. Officials are considering the types of highways, transit, biking and pedestrian projects.  Another focus is to come up with a plan to make a more sustainable energy efficient and convenient community.

“There will be more people who will be closer to high capacity transit in the future than they are today and it shows there will be more people walking and biking than they are today” said Kanti Srikanth, National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board staffing director.

The visualize 2045 study collected input from more than 6,000 people in our region.

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