Vietnam War-Era Veteran Military Service Members honored during pinning ceremony


To honor those who have served in the Vietnam War, local leaders in Frederick County, Maryland held a dinner and pinning ceremony. 

43 years ago was the end of a 20-year war. 

“Let every man and women know their service is an honor and privilege for us to be with you,” said one military service member.  

Military service members that served during the Vietnam War did not receive the warmest welcome home; however, local officials are trying to correct the wrong. 

“It is important to recognize the ones that we have forgot when you first come back. It is also important to make sure everyone of them gets recognized,” said James Marchinke, Department Commander, The American Legion. 

The American Legion Francis Scott Key Post 11, in the Main Hall, hosted many veterans who served in the war. Frederick County Council President Bud Otis and Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) honored the veterans. 

“All of us have the same attitude about the Vietnam veterans, it is about time someone started to recognize veterans and we are doing our job,” said, Navy veteran, Robert Graybill. 

Many veterans talked about their time overseas. 

“Ambushes, I was wounded in the leg. I delivered medical supplies and took them all over,” said Army veteran, Mitchell Jackson. 

“First time, first day there, we got hit with rockets and I tried to get my orders to go back to the ship,” recalled Graybill. 

In part of an ongoing effort across the country, a pinning ceremony was held to honor all Vietnam War-Era veteran military service members. With each name called, local leaders pinned each military member. Even though the war ended decades ago, this ceremony hopes to show all Vietnam War-Era veteran military service members that we honor them as heroes

There are around 1,600 veterans at the American Legion in Frederick, 800 of them are Vietnam veterans. 

This year marks the second year for the ceremony. 

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