Veterans were honored with gifts at the 40th Anniversary of Silver Spring Vets Center


The center also serves active duty service members

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WDVM) — Veterans across our region celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Silver Spring Veterans Center.

Many Vietnam War veterans were honored with a surprise. Veterans were wrapped in blankers to honor their service. Ten veterans were given quilts at the 40th anniversary of the Silver Spring Vet Center. “It’s an honor to know that people took time out to make something like this to honor the veterans,” Vietnam War Veteran, Michael Corday said.

The vet center opened in response to Vietnam veterans needing access to increased services. “I was severely wounded July 4th, 1969, so I have passion and love for my job and my fellow veterans and their families,” Vet Center Director, Wayne Miller stated. Miller has been a member of the center for 30 years, and now it’s one of 300 vet centers and 80 mobile vet centers across the nation. It’s a place to help connect veterans to make them feel at home. “I would plead with any veteran – who needs help of any kind – to reach out to the vet center,” Vet Center client, Mike Walsh expressed.

The quilts are just another way to help comfort those in times they need it most. “It was wonderful to be able to see that it’s been given to a veteran,” said Elizabeth Brigham, who worked for U.S. Soldiers and Airmen’s Home. “It says to me that people care, and it lets them know that anytime they need security or love, or compassion, they could wrap that quilt around and feel safe,” Miller said.

The Silver Spring Veterans Center provides a wide range of services, including confidential readjustment and emotional trauma counseling. It’s also for active duty service members, including National Guard, and reserve components and their families.

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