Veteran’s furry friends get their annual eye exam with Warrior Canine Connections

“She’s like a little sister,” says US army veteran Tim O’Boyle about his six year old Golden Retriever  Sandy. 
She’s not just any Golden Retriever . Her mission is to help O’Boyle by providing therapy for his sometimes paralyzing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder attacks that include flashbacks from when he served in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Now, it’s O’Boyle’s turn to help Sandy by taking her to Warrior Canine Companion’s Annual Eye Exam in Boyds, Md.
“She has done so much for me, so her health is important to me,” said O’Boyle. Luckily, Sandy’s eyes checked out fine, according to veternarian Nancy Bromberg.
Bromberg explained that since Sandy is a service dog, it is especially important her vision and health is checked constantly.
The work Sandy does is life saving, suggests O’Boyle. “She definitely saves my life.”
He says while petting a panting, happy Sandy. O’Boyle also added that he was thankful that the event was free to make sure Sandy’s eyes were in good shape so she could continute fulling her owner’s life. “The WCC does so much for vets, donations and shots. Things I can’t afford right now for Sandy,” O’Boyle disclosed. 
Beth Bourgeois of Warrior Canine Connection said that Sandy was one of around a hundred service dogs that attended WCC’s Annual Eye Exam.

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